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Semple Stadium under Lights

Posted in Hurling on February 17, 2009 by Imreoir

The Stadium drowned in lights for the first time last Saturday night was an impressive sight. Its a pity the hurling didn’t match the occasion. Cork were poor and Tipp were extremely lack luster. Its sad for all hurling people to see whats going on in Cork but lets not go there and leave them to hopefully sort it out.

Tipp Saturday night looked like they were stuck to the ground, there was no pep in their step. Are they in heavy training, rumours suggest they are? From a Tipp perspective, lets hope they are. Not only did they look heavy footed, their hurling was as slow as we have seen under Liam Sheedy and co. They were standing up striking, getting caught in possession, delivering slow ball to inside forwards, all in all a poor display against a below average inter county team.

Were there any highlights? Brendan Maher when moved to midfield looked impressive, he played that link man role which a manager hopes for, took ball from his half backs and delivered promptly. He looks like a very credible option to partner Shane McGrath come late May. The Fanning Curran combination in the full back line looks strong(even though there was only two in the Cork full forward line throughout). Both are strong men, maybe lacking some pace, but they read the game well which is essential in those positions. Conor O’Brien will challenge Buckley for the other corner.

Seamus Hennessy did ok when he took the field contributing one nice score. He looks to have the raw material which could be honed into a very effective half forward. John O’Brien took his goal very well and this could be his best position. I would worry that if he doesn’t make a clean catch, will he make as much havoc as one should with 14 on your back! But you always have Webster and havoc and bloody mayhem is what he’s all about. So between both you have two different styles for 14 which is good. Pa Bourke was disappointing, for a fine stick man; for me he looks as he doesn’t have the pace for the corner or the strength. playing at 13 or 15 you either need real pace(e.g. L. Corbett) or you need enough strength not to be pushed off your ball (e.g. E. Kelly).

But we shouldn’t be too dispondent at this early stage of the year, there is lots of hurling ahead to get ourself right. You don’t expect teams to be right at this stage anyway!

Interesting to see the Dubs take a scalp like Galway. The bit I saw they hurled well and took good scores. Daly will add a few more scalps before the year is out and it wont just be in the league, watch out!

Dressing Room Development Kicks off

Posted in Development on February 17, 2009 by Imreoir

The redevelopment of the dressing rooms in Anner Park Cloneen has started.  Its great to see the work getting underway.  A lot of preparatory work has gone in over the last two years to get to this point.  There has been tremendous good will from the people of the parish and outside the parish with a large amount of money being donated.

The new dressing rooms will be a little bit under three  times the size of the old ones. They will contain

The Old Dressing Rooms

The Old Dressing Rooms

two large dressing rooms each with its own shower area,  a kitchen, a large storage area for equipment, a referees room with adjoining shower and toilet facilities.

The work which commenced last week is hoped to be completed by late summer. Kilnockin Construction are carrying out the work. We will track the progress and keep you updated. Hopefully we can upload an image or two also.

South Tipperary Under 21 B Football Championship

Posted in Football on February 16, 2009 by Imreoir

Ballyporeen 1-13               St. Patricks 1-3

On Saturday last in Clonmel  Sportsfield Ballyporeen got the year off to a good start with a big win over their old rivals St. Patricks. Both sides were guilty of some wayward kicking before St. Patricks Tony O Brien forced the scoreboard keeper off his seat after 10 minutes with a point from a 45. Continue reading