Lá na gClub

Due to the development of the new dressing rooms in Anner Park, we deplayed our activities in celebrating ‘Lána gClub’ until a number of weeks ago. Many clubs celebrated during the summer but in St. Pats we waited until the dressing rooms were complete. Like all GAA clubs the future lies in the youth learnign and enjoying the games and hopefully developing into talented senior hurlers and footballers. With this in mind we celebrated Lá na gClub with the end of year internal blitz for our youngest members, the U6s and U8s.U6 Hurlers

We had 4 teams, two U6s and 2 U8s with 46 girls and boys in total(with a small few missing also). Hurling and football matches were played for both 6s and 8s. All children received medals for their participation. Once again the weather was kind to us, which is currently not the norm.

A large number of mentors are now involved with the kids, which is essential if they are to learn the skills. There were approx 10 adults which actively worked with the 6s and 8s throughout the year.

Also a thanks must also go to the parents, especially the mothers for bringing the kids to the field. Without them there would be no teams. It has been a long and enjoyable year for teh kids and mentors, beginning in April and finishing up in late October. Lets hope that the work(more enjoyment than work to be honest) will bear fruit in the years to come. There are extra photos uploaded into our photo stream on the right hand side of the page.

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