St. Pats contest final score in Junior A semi

When the final whistle was blown in Cahir last Saturday evening, the score board indicated that Kilsheelin had won the South Junior A Hurling semi final by a point. But there was confusion in the crowd and among the St. Patrick’s mentors and players as some had the score being St. Pats winning by a point and not losing the game. With out going into the exact series of events it has now transpired that the South Board and referee has addressed the issue and there will be a replay, the date of which has yet to be decided. This is news to date at least, any further updates will be posted up!!

As for the match itself it was well contested by both teams with nothing much between them. St. Pats had the better of the first half and went in approx 5 points ahead. They took some very good scores over that period in which Brian McCormack was central. Also Thomas Hayes took his goal well and ended the half with 1-1 to his tally. Liam Brett was also  hurling well at center back at this stage.

The second half started with a Liam Brett free and St. Pats at this stage looked to be comfortable. Midway through the second half the mixup in the score occurred. Kilsheelin gradually got themselves back into it by picking off a series of points and eventually went one ahead. At this stage St. Pats were struggling in mid field and their half forwards. Willie McCormack came on for Pats and done quite well picking up a nice score. It ended up with St. Pats getting a 65 to draw level, in extra time. Possibly the incorrect decision, but Tony O’Brien took a short free and the play broke down and Kilsheelin cleared their lines resulting in them winning the game by a single point according to the scoreboard. But as mentioned above this score was to be disputed after the game.

St. Pats Team: J.Moroney, K.Clancy, E.McCormack, P.Moroney, C.Barry, L.Brett(Capt), R.Needham, S.Gorey, S.Horan, PJ.Burke, P.Horan, N.Gleeson, T.O’Brien, B.McCormack, T.Hayes. Subs; W.McCormack, N.Brett

PS The latest is that there will definitely be a replay, possibly the weekend after this one! Posted Fri 24th Sept

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